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Educate your community today!

Your tax-deductable donation will go towards educating the public and our legislatures about the suffering occurring in our own back yards... abused children in our country. Let's change laws to listen to their words vs. victimize them further in our legal system as it is today.

"There are three people involved with Domestic Violence: The victim, the perpetrator, and the bystander...and perpetrarors (aka:Abusers/bullies) can only do what the bystanders allow them to do," Dr. Nicoll, PhD.

Now you know. Don't be a bystander.

If you'd like us to come speak at your location, submit your contact information below. Donations of goods, services, or time are also welcome.

Children don't have the right to vote. Please, take a stance to vote for them today.

They are our future for tomorrow.

Contact us here:

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